About Data Manager

Data Manager enables you to download curves, rasters, and directional surveys from the IHS Information Hub Direct Connect and, if configured, from your database of proprietary logs. Data Manager supports UWIs for Canadian wells and US API format for US rasters.

Select your area of interest and file processing options, then either download all of the items available within that area, or display the digital curves or rasters in a catalog to refine your selection before downloading.

Curves are downloaded in version 2.0 Log ASCII Standard (LAS) or version 2.0 OpenWorks® format. Directional surveys are downloaded in GeoFrame®, GeoGraphix®, or OpenWorks formats. Rasters are downloaded in TIFF format. Most geophysical applications import these file formats.

After you download the files, view them using Data Manager, or a third-party application.

You can view a list of public curves that haven't been digitized yet, and request that IHS digitize them.

The following defines key functionality available from the navigation tree:


Right-click to create projects.

My Project

Denotes one of any number of projects you can create. The node for the default project is colored green () and that project opens with all branches visible when you launch Data Manager. Right-click to delete a project or to set it as your default project.

Project Settings

Set the disk location in which to save project configuration files.

Area Search

Specify the coordinates for which to either display a catalog or download files. You can specify multiple areas for a single project.


View catalogs listing digital logs, raster logs, and directional surveys.

Digital Catalog

View a catalog of digital curves based on the area defined above.

Raster Catalog

View a catalog of raster logs based on the area defined above.

Directional Surveys

View a subset of the catalog that shows only wells with directional surveys. Download directional surveys using this list.

Downloaded Files

View the downloaded curve, raster, and directional survey files. Data Manager includes a digital curve viewer and a raster log viewer. Directional survey values can be displayed in a pane.

Quick Filters

Create and modify custom filters that you apply to the catalog.

Drag the border between the left and right panes to change the window proportions () or simply click the arrows to expand either of the panes to the full window size as depicted at right.

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