WOR / oil cut forecast

By associating a water-oil ratio (WOR) / oil cut forecast (total fluid forecast) with a WOR or oil cut analysis, Harmony Enterprise calculates oil and water forecasts that update as the WOR / oil cut analysis is modified.

This forecast works with your Harmony Forecast™ license.

You can add this analysis by selecting a WOR or Oil Cut analysis while on a Forecast worksheet, or by selecting WOR / Oil Cut Forecast from the Analysis Manager after clicking the + icon. Using either method opens the Initialize Total Fluid Forecast dialog box.

Initialize Total Fluid Forecast dialog box

  • Analysis — select the WOR or oil cut analysis to be used with the total fluid forecast.
  • Total Fluid Initial Value — the specified value is a constant to initialize the total fluid forecast (qo + qw). The total fluid rate can be defined through time by entering values in the qLiquid(o+w) column in the Forecast worksheet.

Clicking OK after providing the required inputs, adds an oil and water forecast with the specified analysis, starting at the end of historical production.

Analysis Parameters pane

After you add a WOR / Oil Cut Forecast, selecting the oil or water forecast displays its detailed parameters in the Analysis Parameters pane.

Analysis Parameters pane

In this pane, you can specify / view the following parameters:

  • Start Date — the start of the total fluid forecast. It is initialized as the end of historical production. Specifying a value beyond the end of production does not adjust the trend of the associated WOR / Oil Cut analysis.
  • End Date — the date at abandonment controlled by the associated WOR / Oil Cut analysis (WORf, (Water Cut)f, or (Oil Cut)f).