With scenarios, you can create a copy of your parent well, so you can perform "what if" scenarios without risking your original data.

Scenarios are created in the Entity Viewer - Hierarchy (toolbar or by right-clicking), and copy the following information:

  • attributes
  • properties
  • wellbore data
  • static pressures
  • analyses

While you are working with a scenario, it is locked and other users cannot access it.
Even if you have default role-based security with the Modify Editors setting disabled, you can still edit your properties and wellbore for your scenarios, but you cannot promote a scenario.

Core data in the Production editor is read-only (that is, volumes and casing / tubing pressures are kept from the parent well). However, you can still calculate your own sandface pressures by using different properties and a different wellbore configuration.


When importing new production data, the parent well and all scenarios underneath it are updated. After an import, the other scenarios are static and out-of-date. For sandface pressure updates, you need to click the Calculate Sandface Pressure icon () in the Production editor's toolbar for all scenarios.

If you are using the Import Auto-calculation option to automatically calculate sandface pressures, this function only applies to the parent well.