Tables / grids

Harmony Enterprise often displays data in tabular form and uses functionality similar to Excel. For example, you can click-and-drag the bottom right corner of a table cell to copy your data to a range of rows below. The cursor changes to a large X, and you drag the table cell contents to the next row or rows.

For a description of common table icons, see table toolbars.

To change the height and width of rows and columns, drag the boundary between the header cells.

To move a column to a new location, click-and-drag the column you want to move. The cursor changes to a gray box with a checkmark, and when you release your mouse button, the column moves to its new location.

Context menus

Right-clicking an entire table or columns in a table, display different context menus.

Entire table

To copy an entire table, right-click the top-left cell of a table and select one of these options:

  • Copy Grid — copies the table to the clipboard.
  • Copy Grid + Headers — copies the table and table headers to the clipboard.


To copy one or more columns of a table, select your columns by clicking their headers, and then right-click and select Copy.

After you have copied your content from a table, you can paste it to another application (for example, Excel).

To change the precision and/or units displayed in a column, right-click the numeric columns’ headers (the columns displaying units in green text).

  • Precision — select between decimal, scientific, or engineering.
  • Units — select the units you want to display from the submenu.

Changing the precision only affects the way values are displayed. All of the calculations use exact values, even if the displayed value looks rounded-up.