Use workflows

A workflow is a collection of worksheets and analyses that can be applied to an entity as a set. Using a workflow eliminates the need to create the same worksheets and analyses for every entity with similar characteristics. Workflows also maintain worksheet and analysis customizations (for example, names, colors, axis ranges, etc.).

When an entity is selected for analysis, it is locked, so you are not able to apply a workflow to this entity while the lock is in place.

All workflows are user-specific. Therefore, any workflows you create are not seen by other users in a multi-user environment.

These items apply to workflows:

You can rename or remove a workflow by clicking the Launch Workflow icon (Launch Workflow icon) and then right-clicking the workflow.

The following analyses cannot be included in workflows because they require user input in order to be created:

  • ratio forecasts
  • WOR / oil cut fluid forecasts
  • consolidations
  • custom forecasts
  • optimize analyses