User permissions in local folders

Harmony Enterprise saves and uses data in local folders throughout various processes while you work. If you do not have "write" permission to these folders, it can interfere with normal operations and negatively impact your projects. On startup, Harmony Enterprise checks for write access to the required paths. Ensure you are able to write to these locations for optimal use of Harmony Enterprise.

Logging directory: \Users\<username>\AppData\Local\SPGlobal\

This directory is used to store a running log file for Harmony Enterprise, including many software and database transactions. This log file is not the same as the Status Window log file.

SciCharts directory: \Users\<username>\AppData\Local\SciChart\(and subfolders)

This directory is used to store third party DLLs. The user needs to have read and execute access to the path. In addition, any software restrictions should be configured to allow loading DLLs from that path.


In addition, Harmony Enterprise saves files in various subfolders in the Documents folder.

If the Documents folder is not accessible, you can set up an alternative directory to save required files. See Display and Handling Error for details.

"My documents" directories:

  • \documents\SPGlobal
  • \documents\SPGlobal\Core
  • \documents\SPGlobal\Core_Attributes
  • \documents\SPGlobal\AdvPropsCMDLL_GlobalImport
  • \documents\SPGlobal\AdvPropsCMDLL_GasProperties
  • \documents\SPGlobal\AdvPropsCMDLL_OilProperties
  • \documents\SPGlobal\AdvPropsCMDLL_WaterProperties
  • \documents\SPGlobal\AdvPropsCMDLL_GeoMechanical
  • \documents\SPGlobal\AdvPropsCMDLL_RelativePermeability
  • \documents\SPGlobal\HarmonyAnalysis
  • \documents\SPGlobal\ImportData\ProductionEditor
  • \documents\SPGlobal\EnterData\ProductionEditor
  • \documents\SPGlobal\Database Connection
  • \documents\SPGlobal\HarmonyEnterprise
  • \documents\SPGlobal\HarmonyEnterprise 20XX.X\ScheduledImportLogs
  • \documents\SPGlobal\HarmonyEnterprise 20XX.X\RefreshResultsLogs