Navigation toolbar

The navigation toolbar is located directly above the GIS map.

These are the navigation toolbar icons:

Pointer - select facilities, nodes, and links. You can right-click this icon to select drop-down options for facilities, links, and nodes.

Zoom - increase or decrease the display size. Hold-and-click to zoom in to a box area, or right-click to zoom out.

Pan - changes the map position

Measure Tool - measure distances on the map

Goto - navigate to a specific location

Undo Zoom - resets the display to the previously set zoom

Redo Zoom - reapplies the zoom setting

Identify - displays location information in the Property Manager

Bubble Map - opens the bubble map editor

Annotation Display Options - opens the facility annotation editor. Use the drop-down arrow to change annotations for various facilities.

General Annotations - opens the general annotation editor

Reset - resets the map to the default zoom setting

Show Rulers - shows and hides line identifiers for the boundaries of the map (for example, latitude and longitude lines)

Map Scale - shows and hides the map scale

Print Preview - switches to print preview mode

Map Mode - switches the Cartesian mode to GIS mode using the same process as legacy importing. Note that this option does not switch back to Cartesian mode from the GIS mode.

Datum Mode - changes the default datum of the map to the selected datum

Shapefile Export - exports the current system as a shapefile. Links are exported as polyline shape types, and facilities are exported as point shape types.

Apply Changes - applies changes to other configurations in the model

Recalculate Loop Link Locations - detects and assigns loops in the gathering system. Note that this icon is only enabled when an auto-loop detection is enabled; otherwise the icon is grayed-out.