Piper® is a pipeline, wellbore, and reservoir deliverability modeling tool that enables you to optimize both existing and proposed gathering systems. Prior to committing to capital expenditures, Piper is used to test gathering system scenarios to make sure that optimizations are cost effective and increase deliverability.

Gathering System Analysis

Piper solves complicated gathering system designs and operating scenarios. Gathering system models are created using drag-and-drop techniques. Your system is referenced to the correct geographic information system (GIS) location, and shapefile and image file imports let you view the topography of the area. Piper can also be used to identify system bottlenecks and model the impact of new wells, compressor changes, line loops, and system interconnections for either single-phase or two-phase flow.

Note:    Piper can load Harmony Enterprise™ and Harmony™ files and extract reservoir parameters for full-field forecasting and development planning.