Adding changes after building your model

Adding configurations

By default, any model additions, deletions, or changes apply to the current date shown in the case controller.

The case controller drop-down list displays the periods specified by the forecast duration field in the forecast view tab.

To add a configuration:

1. Select a date from the drop-down list in the case controller.

2. Make a change in your model.

Once you make a model change on a specific date, it is now a configuration date and it is highlighted in yellow in the case controller drop-down list. It is also highlighted in yellow font in the forecast view tab.

3. To finalize your changes, see applying configuration changes below.

Applying configuration changes

Gathering system changes are applied any time you make edits. For example, if you change a facility property from its editor, you are prompted to apply the change when you click elsewhere in the interface. Or, if you add or change a facility or link from the GIS Interface, and then open another tab, editor, or menu, you are prompted to apply your changes. You can also manually apply GIS-generated changes by clicking the Apply Changes icon in the GIS navigation toolbar. This icon is enabled when changes are made using the GIS. Once the changes are applied, the icon is disabled.

The Apply On-Screen Changes dialog box is displayed when any change is made to the gathering system.

To apply your changes, select one of the following:

  • All Future Configurations — changes are applied to the currently selected date and all future configuration dates
  • Current Configuration Only — changes are applied from the current configuration date up to, but not including, the next configuration date
  • To revert a configuration change, select this case from the forecast view and then delete it
  • All Configurations — changes are applied to past, present, and future configuration dates
Note:    If you are not sure about which dates to apply your configuration changes to, we recommend using the schedule menu to manually select dates by facility type.

Managing configurations

You can manage configurations from:

  • the forecast view tab
  • the schedule menu

Forecast view tab

Using the forecast view tab, you can cut, copy, paste, and delete cases, and delete forecasts. You must run a new forecast after selecting one of these actions. For more information, see forecast view.

Schedule menu

Using the schedule menu, you can manually apply a configuration change to other configuration dates on an individual facility basis.

To manually apply a configuration change:

1. Click the Schedule menu and select a facility type.

The Apply Facility Changes dialog box opens. Blank entries indicate the facility does not exist for a configuration date.

Note:    The changes you are applying are determined by the configuration date selected in the case controller. This date is displayed in blue in the Apply Facility Changes dialog box.

2. For each of the facilities, determine how you want your change applied. Select:

  • P — to apply your change to a configuration date
  • û — to not apply your change to a configuration date
  • o — to remove the facility as of a configuration date.

Applied changes continue through time until another configuration (i.e., change) is applied.

3. Click OK.