Status window

By default, the Status Window is docked at the bottom of the content pane. The Status Window displays short descriptive messages pertaining to the current state of the project, or the results of actions as you perform them.

Note:    To hide or show the Status Window, click the View menu, Status Window.

  • Copy Selected — copies the selected message to the clipboard.
  • Clear Selected — removes the selected message from the Status Window.
  • Clear All — removes all messages from the Status Window.
  • Enable / Disable Logging (Diagnostic Monitoring) — if you enable logging, a text file is saved to your computer's hard drive. This text file logs all of the messages displayed in the Status Window.
  • This log file is stored in the following location: \Users\<username>\Documents\IHS Markit\<software version>.
  • Reverse Order — by default, the most recent messages are displayed at the bottom of the Status Window. To reverse this display order, select this option.

Examples of messages displayed in the status window:

  • notifications of disabled links
  • forecast run outcomes
  • warnings, for example:

    • pumps may be operating outside of allowable limits, and as a result, behavior may be unstable
    • compressor capacity curves in a model are not within the range of specified field deliverability, and as a result the model does not solve


Reversed flow

When the Status Window displays reversed flow through a compressor and the forecast has aborted, you need to diagnose the issue.

Flow will reverse in situations where there are compressors in parallel, and the flow distribution between those compressors cannot be balanced. The best way to diagnose the issue is to disable the compressor that is reversing and the inlet link into its suction, and run the model again. After the model converges, note the suction pressure and rate that it has converged to. Most likely, that suction pressure will be lower than the minimum suction pressure of the compressor that is reversing. This identifies that the compressor that is reversing needs to be resized to a lower suction pressure, or removed entirely, as it is not contributing to the movement of gas.

Notification messages

The following messages in the Status Window are for notification purposes only and do not require action on your part.

  • Compressor choking to meet Qmax
  • Loop link X is unconverged

These status messages are provided during the forecast. The last message is displayed after the forecast is complete.

When your forecast is complete, you will see a notification similar to this: Forecast Completed in 0:00:01 sec 6.