Production plotting

The production plotting tab provides a visual comparison of historical data (imported from analytical models, or historical production data) and your forecast data. The data is plotted in the Time and Cumulative tabs of the production plotting view and is used to validate the results generated by your forecast.

Production plots have the same functionality as other plots. For more information, see using plots.

The Production Plotting tab consists of:

1. Unresolved Wells tab - existing wells in the model that have not been resolved with wells from imported historical production data, or with wells imported from an analytical model.

2. Resolved Wells tab - a list of wells imported from historical production data that have been resolved manually or by matching. Also listed in this tab are wells that are automatically resolved from imported analytical models.

3. Unresolved Production History Wells pane - a list of wells that were imported with historical production data

4. Time plot - a Rate vs. Time plot of the production data (both historic and forecast production data if wells have been resolved)

5. Cumulative plot - a Cumulative Rate vs. Time plot of the production data (both historic and forecast production data, if wells have been resolved)

Note that the plots can display pressure and rate data. Right-click in the Legend and select Show on Plot to select your plot data.


The Production Plotting tab has a toolbar with many common icons, and some unique items, which are described below:

  • Reset Plot Attributes — resets your plot attributes to default settings.
  • Save Plot Settings — saves dataset and axes settings for use in Production Plotting tab.
  • Apply plot settings to other wells — select from these options:

    • Apply All Settings —applies Dataset and Axes settings to the other wells.
    • Apply Axis Settings — applies the axis settings (units, location) to all wells.
    • Apply DataSet Settings — applies the active dataset and dataset customization settings to all wells.