CCT Model

The Closed Chamber Test (CCT) model follows all the same principles as a PITA model with the additional capability of changing the wellbore volume (Vw) to see reservoir-dominated flow more quickly. This is usually needed in low permeability (k) reservoirs, where a downhole shut-in is required to minimize wellbore storage and reduce the time required to achieve reservoir-dominated flow. In this case, a step-change in wellbore storage results when downhole shut-in occurs as shown in the following plot.


"A New Approach for Interpreting Pressure Data to Estimate Key Reservoir Parameters from Closed-Chamber Tests", N. M. Anisur Rahman, SPE, Schlumberger, M.S. Santo, and L. Mattar, SPE, Fekete Assoc. Inc., Paper SPE 109860, presented at 82nd Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition of the SPE, Anaheim, CA, November 11 - 14, 2007.