Analyze well data

In order to analyze well data, you need to select an entity (for example, a well, scenario, or group), and then click the Analysis tab.

Selecting an entity for analysis

To select an entity for analysis, follow the steps in the table below.

Location Method of Selecting Notes
Entity Viewer
(Hierarchy or Custom)
  • Click an entity (well or group) name.
  • Click the Analysis tab.

You can select any entity that exists in the viewer.
GIS map
  • Click an entity on the map.
  • Click the Analysis tab.

You can only select a well from the GIS map.
Analysis tab
  • Click the Analysis tab
  • Click an entity in the Entity Viewer (Hierarchy or Custom)

You can select any entity that exists in the viewer.

After you have selected an entity for analysis, that entity is locked until you select another entity. In other words, the lock is released when you click another entity. If another user tries to open the same entity for analysis while the lock is in place, a message is displayed in the main pane and the Status Window. There is no way to force the release of the well, but the username with the locked well is displayed in the Status Window.

The editors are also locked when you are performing an analysis.

Analyzing an entity

To analyze an entity:

Select an entity for analysis.

The New Worksheet tab opens. Or, if one or more worksheets exist, one of these opens.

Add a gas decline worksheet. (You must add a worksheet before you can analyze an entity.) Click a worksheet image, and if applicable, select a worksheet type from the submenu.

Add a worksheet

The worksheet is added.

Add an analysis by clicking the + icon on the Analysis Manager toolbar and selecting an analysis type. A decline analysis is shown as an example.

Add an analysis

The analysis is added to your worksheet. For more information on analyses, see analysis types.