Get well data into Harmony Enterprise

We recommend that you review your updating data settings prior to importing from Harmony. If you are importing into a Harmony Enterprise project where you expect to have duplicate wells (for the purpose of merging data), see updating existing wells.

To get well data into Harmony Enterprise, you can:

Note:    If you are updating a well that has been locked by another user (for example, Well1 is in the process of being merged with an existing Well1), this merged well cannot be imported into Harmony Enterprise while there is a lock in place.

To verify that import settings are set as you want, see the Importing node in the Options dialog box.

For more detailed examples on how importing and updating data is handled in Harmony Enterprise, we recommend the Data Imports On Demand course.

Harmony Enterprise example files

Harmony Enterprise example files are saved within this directory: C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Harmony Shared\Harmony Enterprise 2023.2.

Tip:    For hands-on practice with Harmony Enterprise, browse to the Examples folder (see above). In this directory, there are several different files that can be imported into your Harmony Enterprise project, including Merak (*.mer) and LocalDB (*.hldb) example files.

Troubleshooting .hldb file imports

If you see this error message, Error, Failed to import new Entity: [WellName]. Problems in:Analysis, troubleshoot as indicated below.

This error occurs when you are trying to import a well from an *.hldb file and the Analysis ID or Worksheet ID already exist for another well in your Harmony Enterprise database. This can happen when a well is imported and merged with an existing well, but in a later import, it is imported as a new well. In this case, the Well ID does not match, but the Analysis ID and Worksheet ID are identical. In order to resolve this conflict, either map the well to merge to the existing well with the matching Analysis ID, or delete the incoming analysis and worksheet with the conflict. The same Analysis ID and Worksheet ID cannot exist for multiple wells in Harmony Enterprise. For more information, see general well linking logic and Harmony import logic.

Tip:    When you import well data from .hldb files (local database files), if an analysis or worksheet already exists, it replaces the existing copy.