Calibrating your model (the surface network)

It is important to make sure that data entered in your model represents operating conditions. The measured production data required for calibration includes: gas rates, liquid rates, wellhead pressure, line pressures, compressor or pump inlet and outlet pressures and rates, pipeline temperatures, and fluid analysis. We recommend using production data that was obtained from a point-in-time when field production was stable.

To calibrate your model:

1. To enter well fluid rates and pressures, click the Import menu and select Production Import (Text, Excel). For more information on importing current production, see importing production data.

Alternatively, you can import a Harmony Enterprise file (.hmy2pip). For more information, see importing data from Harmony Enterprise.

2. Click the Present Forecast icon ().

Forecast results are displayed in the status window.

3. View the facility annotations, and confirm the accuracy of pressures and rates flowing to the compressors and pumps in your model. For more information on annotations, see annotations.

4. Use the pipeline pressure loss diagnostic map to identify where differences between measured data and calculated results exist.